The girl behind the camera


Liselore in 3 words: curious, enthusiastic and passionate. Or make it 4, because I love adventures and colouring inside the lines is not my cup of tea.

Although I’m from a creative family, it took me a while before I really discovered photography. For a long time it felt more like a hobby instead of a career. It still does in a way. Even after a long day of shooting I come home full of energy and (against better judgement) I often jump behind my laptop to start editing all the material. I enjoy it every day, something you can see in my work.

Apart from photography, travelling is my favourite thing to do. Luckily, those passions go hand in hand. Whenever I can, I pack my camera and laptop and I follow the sun. Looking for new adventures, interesting people, new memories and stories to tell.

Mijn werk

I love capturing people, whether that's an intimate portrait, a wedding, a stunning model posing on the beach or a tiny person in an impressive landscape. I consider myself a versatile photographer and I try to distinguish myself by my style rather than a specialty.

I would describe my style as clean, playful and with great attention to detail and natural beauty. Also, I always try to find a balance between perfectly styled photos and images that tell sstory.